Dear America,

“The people are crying inside and out. The people have had enough. The people are unsupported. The people have been struck down unnecessarily too many times. The people are angry. The people haven’t been heard. The people have been forgotten time and time again. The people are being lead by a white male supremacist who has encouraged violence and racism his entire presidency. “When the looting starts the shooting starts?” How can the President of the United States of America speak like that. Why is gun violence so high? How are over 40 MILLION people out of jobs right now? How did you let over 100,000 of your people DIE in the past four months? WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?

I’m a journalist. I’m a qualified journalist. And even I can admit that when the news gets tough, I turn it off. There’s so much negativity, but that’s not good enough. I vow to turn it on, I vow to keep it on, I vow to get educated and understand what’s going on in this world. And while I might not be able to vote come November 3, I vow to do my best to encourage others to celebrate their right to do so, make the right choice, stand up for the voiceless, and be on the right side of history. I want to live in a world that’s on the right side of history. I don’t want to live in a world of pain and hate anymore. President Trump, I ask you, where were you today? Where were you over the weekend? You were hiding behind closed doors in your bunker trolling people on Twitter. Our President, Joe Biden, was on the streets with the people. Listening to the people. Comforting the people. Celebrating the people.

We will vote you out November 3.”



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